Top 5 Must Have Car Accessories To Keep Your Ride Clean

Top 5 Must Have Car Accessories To Keep Your Ride Clean

Maintaining a clean car is no easy task especially if you have kids, a dog, or are just a messy person in general. I honestly hate cleaning out my car, but its some much easier when you have the right tools. 

1 - Drop Stop 

You know that space between your seat and the console. Yeah, that's probably the best hiding place in the world. This small space in your car can gobble up items like phones, lighters, pens and its favorite loose change! The best way to clean your car is to prevent the cleaning in the first place. Boom the drop stop! 

2 - Car Vacuum

Now of course the drop stop won't eliminate all your spills so you'll need a backup plan. What better than a compact, yet powerful car vacuum to keep your ride so fresh and so clean. The best available is the THISWORX model. It plugs right into your cigarette lighter and comes with several attachments so you'll never need to visit the car wash every again! 

Thisworx Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

3 - Cleaning Gel 

The next must have car cleaning accessory on the list is a life saver. This car cleaning gel is like Robin and the vacuum is Batman. This gel will reach all those small intricate spots that the vacuum might miss. Honestly you'll want to buy two because they work great on your computer keyboard too! 

4 - Interior Cleaner & Protectant

Okay now your car is all clean, but how can you keep it looking amazing for a long time. Use protectant! A good cleaner will give you that new car smell and showroom shine, but added with protectant you'll notice that you're ride looks amazing and your not cleaning as much. A really solid option is from the Chemical Guys. It actually cost less than most leading brands and does a better job. It cleans and protects virtually all car interior surfaces. Won't spot or stain and lasts for a long time. 

5 - Car Wash Kit 

Last but certainly not least is your car wash kit. No I know some people would rather take a spin through the $3 dollar car wash and call it a day, but nothing compares to handwashing your car or Jeep at home. There are many good car wash kits available but one I like comes from THISWORX. It comes with all the needed attachments and only cost about $30 bucks. They even have a cool pink version that makes a perfect gift. 

Best Car Interior Cleaning Kit For Women and Girls
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