Suspension Upgrades

Suspension Upgrades

Not everyone wants or needs a lift or leveling kit, however, what if you still want an custom suspension upgrade for hauling your trailer, stopping sag on your plowtruck or making your soccer van ride better.

Getting a Custom Suspension Upgrade like adding a Timbren SES suspension enhancement system or an Air Lift air bag suspension kit can make all the difference. We’ve noticed that several customers with Dodge Ram 1500 are requesting these options. It makes sense though because a lot of the Dodge trucks have the heavy diesel engine.

It’s really hard to say which is better when comparing the Timbren SES kits vs the Airlift airbag systems. The Timbrens install a little easier but don’t allow for much adjustment. The Airlift systems cost a little more and require more to install, but the ride quality is better especially when hauling a heavy trailer. 

For the newer Ford’s like the 2017’s and 2018’s, we’ve been swapping out the OEM shocks and struts like crazy for either Bilstein or Fox performance shocks. This upgrade with giving you a much smoother ride instead of the stiff ride you may have gotten accustomed too. Most common models include the Bilstein 5100 Series-Ride-Height Adjustable Shocks and the Fox 2.0 Performance Series Adjustable Shocks for customers looking to add a little lift to their truck and gain better handling without getting into a complete lift kit installation. 

Air Lift Air Bag Systems

Timbren Suspension