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What do i need to fit these 33×12.5×20 MT tires on my truck?
Normally a leveling kit will do the trick depending on the manufacturer. If not a lift and level would work
Can I just put a leveling kit on my truck or should I get a lift kit?

Yes you can just add a leveling kit, however that will only lift the front of your ride. A lift kit will give you lift in the front and rear

What kind of lift or leveling kit will give me the best ride on the street, but also allow me to do some basic off roading?

Your best bet in that situation is a lift and leveling kit

Why don’t you stock Leer camper shells?

Unlike some brands Leer caps are not a one size fits all. With so many options and ways to customize (some done at Leer) its hard to stock your perfect cap. Also, Leer caps are specific to the Year, Make, and Model of your truck for a better fitment than a universal cap.

I want to surprise my significant other with an install, is this something you can me do?

Yes! We actually love these types of special projects. We will help you coordinate and choose the perfect options so your partner will be overwhelmed when the see how their Jeep or Truck has changed!

Does your price online include the alignment?

No. The priced listed on our site are for parts and installation only. The cost for an alignment is $100.

Can you help me in selecting the best products for my need?

Yes. We will be glad to help you decide which accessories are best for you and how you plan to use them. For this more personal type of consultation we recommend stopping in to let us help you.

When you install a lift kit or leveling kit does it affect the factory warranty on anything?
No your warranty is still valid. The manufactuer would need to prove that the lift or leveling kit was the cause of whatever was defective. All our mechanics are ASE certifited so they can work on any vehilce just like a dealer.
What is the earliest date I can get an install? Can I just walk in?

Yes and No. For something simpler like a tonneau cover install you can usually get in the shop same day or next day, however for lift kits and other more labor intensive installs please call and schedule an appoinment

About how long is the install? Would I be able to wait around while it’s being done?

Yes and No. Installation time all depends on what we are installing and the complexity of the job. For example a 6 inch lift kit install is a two-day job but a leveling kit might be a couple hours.

Do you do safety inspections/brakes/as well or do you strictly install the custom parts and accessories?

Yes. Before we install anything we always inspect the vehicle. Some times things like lower control arms need to be replaced before we can install a lift or something. If you would like a brake job or custom painted calipers, ect. we can accommodate that at the time of install.

I want 33″AT tires on my stock 20″ wheels with an aggressive look but a great ride, what do you guys recommend?

In that situation we would recommend a simple leveling kit or a lift and level kit.

I have a Ram 2500 Van to hold Photography and video lighting equipment. Do you offer this type of van shelving work?
Yes. We primarily use Kargo Master and Weatherguard for van upfitting and a few other brands.
Do you do ring and pinion installs for gear ratio changes and computer flash?

No, not at this time. We maybe be adding in the future.

Do you sell wheels and tires?
Yes. We have access to several brand with Fuel Wheels & Tires being a very popular option with our customers.
Does a leveling kit make a difference in the look that people will notice?

No. A leveling kit just makes the front of your ride level with the back. To get a noticeable difference you would go to either 3′ inch lift kit or higher to turn heads.

Do you have anyone who speaks Spanish?

Sí, tenemos un interlocutor que puede ayudarte!

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