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Chicago’s #1 Custom Jeep Builder Is CPW Truck Stuff

Are you looking to build a custom Jeep Wrangler near the Chicago, Illinois area? Well, look no further! CPW Truck Stuff is the Chicagoland’s custom Jeep shop! We specialist in Jeep Wrangler Customization and your Jeep can be next! 

Installing a suspension lift kit and adding bigger wheels & tires is the most eye-catching custom upgrade you can add to your Jeep Wrangler, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Adding running boards, exhausts, LED lights or even a new cold air intake can give your Jeep a badass attitude and also more functionality.

All of our mechanics are ASE certified so you can rest assured that we won’t void your Jeep Wranglers warranty. As a custom Jeep shop near Chicago we literally build custom lifted Jeep Wranglers every day and our customers love us because we treat their Jeeps like our Jeeps. 

If you’re like most of our Jeep customers in the Chicagoland area then you are looking for a reputable and reliable shop that isn’t a crazy drive away. A place to get your lift kit, wheels and tires in a one-stop shop.  We sell all the big names from Fuel to Atturo, we have them all. 

Jeep Gladiator Parts And Accessories in Chicago

We Build Chicago’s Ultimate Jeeps

We will still work on your Jeep, no matter what the circumstance, distance or case. We can do the repairs on your lifted Jeep even if you got the lift installed somewhere else. Our ASE techs road test our vehicles every day and know what to look for because we sell them like crazy. They know common mistakes that backyard lift shops make. Trust the company that lifts Jeeps on the daily, we build and sell Jeeps because we have a passion for them. Give us a shout and let us help create that cool and custom look.

Come hang out in our brand new customer lounge and stay on the lookout for our used custom Jeep Wranglers and trucks coming this summer to Chicago area. Located only 30 minutes of Chicago, take a nice little cruise down I-57 to check us out. Customers always ask us ”What's the best custom Jeep shop in Chicago” and the answer is hands down CPW Truck Stuff. We are often imitated but never duplicated. 

Jeep Wrangler Customization Done Right!

Jeep Gladiator Accessories!

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The History Of The Jeep

Jeep is one of, if not the most iconic American automotive brands. If not for the trusty Jeep we might be reading this in German or Japanese, but thanks in large part to the Jeep the alias were able to win WWII.

The most widely used military to civilian crossover vehicle in history and just an all-around versatile way of transportation.

Jeeps possess a universal appeal that transcends all generations and social groups.

Not many other brands have the customer loyalty that Jeep enjoys, and what other brand has an exclusive hand gesture! 

One thing Jeep owners have in common is a distinct personality.

Bold and uninhibited Jeep owners traverse the urban jungles of Chicago or the sandy dunes of Silver Lake always in search of their next adventure. 

Even before he had the name Jeep the first Bantam prototype was like nothing seen before either in peacetime or war.

While testing of these first Jeeps one officer called it the most significant vehicle ever developed for the military. 

Jeep For The Win!

The head of testing there took it out for a spin he was on the field for about 20 minutes came back and said he had tested every vehicle the army had looked at in the past 15 years and this vehicle was no doubt the best vehicle that the army had ever received.

The final version of the Jeep was a combination of Ford’s pygmy and Willy’s prototype the quad.

Experiment in four-wheel drive has only been known by the model names given to the prototypes developed by three rival companies.

But soon after it was put into general use the word jeep that’s the name of a comic strip character, as well as military slang for an unproven vehicle, start circulating.

While showing the vehicle off on Capital Hill photographers are taking pictures somebody come by stand are interested in the vehicles asked Willy’s test driver, but what is that [thing]? And he said well, it’s a Jeep! 

Basically, Jeeps are adult size Tonka toys you can play with and swap out parts like Mr. Potato Head. Being a Jeep owner means pride, joy, bargaining, fun, and Acceptance.

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