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Chicago Lifted Truck Over sized Tire Alignment

Are you looking for a Tire Alignment For Oversized Off-Road tires or trucks with lift kits installed. Well look no further because nobody does more alignments on lifted trucks and Jeeps than us! 


Professional Quality Pickup Truck And Jeep Wheel Tire Alignment In Chicago

The picture below illustrates what can happen when you get a lift kit installed without getting an alignment afterwards. The tire on the left is a rear tire and the tire on the right is the front. This customer purchased a truck with a lift kit already installed, however the workmanship was not up to par. 

What happens if you get a lift kit installed without getting an alignment


  • If you get installation of lift kit, wheels or tires at CPW: $120
  • For all non-lifted vehicles: $130
  • For lifted trucks (includes lift kit inspection): $170
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