Floor Liners


Weathertech And Husky Floor Liners For Trucks And Jeeps

It’s time for some new floor liners!!!’ 

No more discoloration from spills in the back seat or vacuuming out your vehicle every other week. 

Adding floor liners is one of the most cost-efficient ways to keep the interior of your vehicle nice and clean in Chicago.

With our snowy and slushy winters. Monsoon-like spring rains and dry dusty summers. It’s not wise to leave your car unprotected without a good set of all-weather floor liners.

Not long ago floor mats were a one-size fits all!

You remember the type that would leave that ring of dirt on your floor.

Thanks to some popular brand name floor mats like WeatherTech’s Digital Floor Liners, Husky’s Weatherbeater Floor Mats, and Weatherboots the technology has vastly improved and in turn, so has the demand.

The one thing customers always ask is “What are the best floor mats for my vehicle.”

Which depends on how you use your vehicle, the year of your vehicle and how often you drive.

For truck owners we like the WeatherBoot models. They work great on vinyl  floors without slipping.

Conversely, some older model vehicles cannot get the nice digital fit WeatherTech in which case we recommend the Husky floor mats.

But honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these new style custom fit floor mats.

Adding some floor mats will ultimately improve the resell value of your vehicle. Be smart and protect your investment. 

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